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Serving the Northern Coastal Counties of California-
from the Golden Gate to Oregon-Since 1976

The mission of the Redwood Empire Chapter of APICS is to add value to individuals and organizations by continually providing educational opportunities to resource management practitioners.

Companies both large and small are feeling the effects of a world market. To be competitive means effectively managing company resources anywhere around the globe. Resource management professionals are in demand. Meet this challenge by insuring you have the latest in resource management practices and technology. APICS can provide you with educational opportunities so crucial to keeping your professional development moving forward.

APICS has broadened its focus beyond production and inventory management to include the integration of organizational resources. APICS offers a full range of cost-effective, results-oriented educational opportunities including seminars, publications and professional certification.

Get certified! Individual certification demonstrates your commitment in the management of company resources, so vital to success in today's market. Stand out and be recognized. Learn more today about APICS and how APICS can help you with your future!

The Redwood Empire Chapter of APICS was chartered in 1976 and incorporated as a nonprofit association under the laws of the state of California in 1983. The chapter provides continuous educational programs for member and area non-member professionals. Educational programs offered include certification preparation courses, seminars and workshops. The chapter holds quarterly dinner meetings featuring educational presentations and networking opportunities that just might lead to new career opportunities (check this website for dates).

APICS was founded in 1957 as the American Production and Inventory Control Society. The now Educational Society for Resource Management (APICS) is an international nonprofit educational society with more than 70,000 individual and corporate members. APICS serves your local manufacturing and service community.

The APICS mission is to be the global leader in providing individual and organizational education by setting the standards for excellence in resource management.

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