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Redwood Empire Chapter Narrative
2005 - 2006 


The Redwood Empire Chapter of APICS is centered approximately 50 miles north of San Francisco, CA, in beautiful Sonoma County. We are world-renowned for our luscious wines, bounteous seafood and picturesque rolling hills. All this is a superb backdrop for many movies filmed here.

Our chapter was chartered on April 22, 1978 and we serve the Northern Coastal Counties of California from the Golden Gate to Oregon State. With a typical membership range of 90-100 members, the Redwood Empire Chapter represents approximately 20-30 local, national and international companies. The chapter’s strategic plan outlines our vision and mission:

  Our Vision To inspire individuals and organizations toward lifelong learning and to enhance individual and organizational success.
  Our Mission To add value to individuals and organizations by continually providing educational opportunities to resource management practitioners.


Integration of Functions

The year started with a transition meeting for the Board of Directors (BOD). Our new BOD consisted of a team of 6 elected officers and 3 appointed members. At the transition BOD meeting it was agreed we hold the previous BODs schedule for BOD meeting frequency (2nd Thursday, monthly). We decided mid-term to suspend the Queue, the newsletter due to high mailing and printing costs. We used colorful postcards and flyers to highlight PDM’s and classes.

We like to think that we have a very informative web-site, http://www.apics-redwood.org that is open to everyone. All BOD members can be reached via email and all contact information is listed clearly on the site.

CPIM Education

Interest for these courses has slowed down. We had 3 classes this year. It seems the trend is going towards individual company on-site training. In fact, our largest source of income during this term was garnered in this manner.

Correspondence with the local junior college (Santa Rosa Junior College) and university (Sonoma State University) about the possibility of setting up student chapters have not been as fruitful/timely as desired.

Other Chapter Deliverables

The Redwood Empire Chapter is committed to betterment of its membership by providing certification review courses, PDM’s, seminars and BOD member training and regional training meeting opportunities.

Performance Measurements/ Re-planning for improvement

Throughout the course of the past year, BOD members tracked certain performance levels. The information was used both in making meeting-to-meeting decisions as well as providing food for thought for future strategic planning and continuous improvement efforts.

During the 2005- 2006 term we recorded the following:

  • Income vs. expense
  • Membership level
  • BOD and Region meeting attendance
  • PDM attendance
  • CPIM certification review course attendance

CPIM certification review courses are concluded with participants completing evaluation questionnaires. These results are recorded for BOD continuous improvement efforts, as well as passed along to the instructors for their own use.

Financial Responsibilities

Regular BOD member discussion and review of income vs. expense at BOD meetings. Independent, third party audit and review of our financial records by CPA each year.

Community Involvement

We are a member of the Santa Rosa Chamber of Commerce and have implemented the Employment Referral Program there to assist APICS members and local companies in need. Job openings are listed on our website as well.We also encourage our members to post their “Job wanted” needs, this is free of charge.

Customer Recognition

The Redwood Empire Chapter has continued the tradition in our chapter of recognizing a ‘Company of the Year’ and ‘Member of the Year’. These awards go to the company and individual the majority of the BOD feel best demonstrate APICS values and are strong supporters of our local chapter. Conclusion The Redwood Empire Chapter of APICS continues to be a vital chapter. Our membership has decreased over the years, this seems the trend with many chapters in an unknown economy like we have been experiencing.

Our BOD has been smaller than usual this term; however BOD members were exceptionally dedicated and worked well together.

We are looking forward to another year of increased visibility in the business community, remaining financially sound and supporting an updated strategic plan.

Respectfully submitted by,


Conny Soares,

President June 8, 2006

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