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Enterprise Concepts and Fundamentals (ECF)

ECF (formerly Support Functions) covers the strategic fundamentals of the value-driven enterprise, management concepts of organizational design and structure, and basic business processes that will be covered in the other CIRM curriculum. It also covers the four basic support functions of quality, human resources, finance & accounting, and information systems. CIRM candidates are strongly advised to take the ECF exam either before any of the other CIRM exams or next if other CIRM exams have already been taken.


Designing Products & Processes (DPP)

DP&P (formerly Manufacturing Processes) examines the systems approaches and strategies used by an enterprise to convert a need or innovation into a product, process, or service that meets the expectations of both the enterprise and the customer.


Delivering Products & Services (DPS)

DP&S (formerly Logistics) expands on the concept of the value-driven enterprise that was introduced in the Enterprise Concepts and Fundamentals course.


Identifying & Creating Demand (ICD)

ICD (formerly Customers and Products) deals with the business processes involved in the definition of the marketplace and in selling the products the enterprise has available, or is willing to develop.

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